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wine rack and glass holder reclaimed


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Our wine racks are made out of 100% reclaimed pallet wood and have a unique rustic/rough finish.

Each of our wine racks are handmade by ourselves in the UK and especially selected for their own rustic style.

This does mean that every plank may not be cut to perfection. Reclaimed wood has a mind of its own and we will do our very best to match the photo's however the finishes may vary slightly.

Wine bottles and glasses not included Holds 8 bottles and 8 wine glasses.

Please allow up to 5 days for Production and delivery


made from reclaimed pallets 

most bottles fit the rack, but I cannot guarantee that all will


Wall fittings are not included, but can be bought from most DIY stores


I have used a combination of screws and plugs through the top rear slat and some heavy duty picture hangers on the lower rear slat.


if this will not fit please contact us we can make a smaller bespoke size at no extra cost 

or if you would like it bigger please get intouch for a price

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